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Managing Your Reservation

When you make a reservation you have the option of setting up your rooms one of two ways. You can set up one block of rooms for a TEAM BLOCK or add a second block of rooms for a PARENT BLOCK.


With each team contract there needs to be one point of contact that requests rooms on behalf of a team. A contract is generated after the request is submitted and the team contract becomes responsible for accepting the terms and conditions within 7 days of making the reservation.


For Parent block, there is no contract. However, in order for a team to set up a parent block, a “team block” must be in place. We have capped the maximum number a parent block rooms as being 50% of their team rooms. So if you think your team needs 20 rooms, at least 10 of those rooms need to be contracted under a team block. The other 10 rooms can go into a parent block.

Advantages: The team contact is not fully liable for parent rooms, which often are the rooms that are hardest rooms to maintain on a rooming list.

Disadvantages: The cut off date for the rooming list on parent rooms is earlier than the due date for the team rooms. Since these rooms are not technically contracted, THS has the right to take back into inventory rooms that are not picking up at any point in time.